Bonjour Ma familia How are we today? well I’m good I hope you’re all well too . soooo, I’m sure you can notice I’m super gassed up and excited,ehn if you didn’t know I’m telling you lol and this is because ….. *drum rolls* The blog is 1 year old and I just celebrated my … Continue Reading


As the topic for todays post says ‘A day in the big city’ in its grandness and entirety my city is Lagos, city of dreams 😊,lol Respect each and every one of my lagos people waking up in the morning and making things happen. To the day’s business ,well i’ll be telling you all about … Continue Reading


Hi guys , how are we doing ?good I trust, that’s how we are done with the first quarter of the year , like play like play the year is running to an end. I hope we all achieve our laid down goals, to today’s post . The Idea of investing in wardrobe staples when … Continue Reading


Hey guys , I trust we are all doing good, can I get a yes , because as Nigeria dey go like this mans has to be good oh , its expensive not to be good lol 😬… OH yeah , I must apologise for my tardy and inconsistent posts recently , forgive me, a … Continue Reading


Bonsoir , Mon amis ,ca va bien? Lol forgive me I’ve been taking French classes so I have to use it you know so I no go forget. so french on here might have to take a getting used to. So, to the days business. Todays post, I’m just so ecstatic because todays outfit gets … Continue Reading


Hey guys , I trust we are good, the week was pretty fast init’s Friday !!! I’m sure most of us are pretty excited about the weekend, oh well not people like me tho ,everyday is a work day . Today’s post is a very exciting one as I’ll be showing you how to … Continue Reading


Here today , my post is all about looking dapper and being comfortable . In the easter spirit , I bid you all a Happy easter , however it is you’re spending your easter , make sure to be safe . Do we have the gidifest people In the building, or the Menta de Moda … Continue Reading

Day-night Valentine look

Ever woken up on Valentine’s day wondering how you’re going to shuffle from work to take your lovely date out for a movie or a dinner and still look rad? . If the answer is yes ,you’re in luck. I’ve got just the solution to your problem. My Post today basically is about transforming outfits on- … Continue Reading


Courtesy extended to all my followers, A happy and prosperous new year I wish you all ahead. They say new years are for new beginnings but I believe new years are for unfinished business , started my year on a more festive note attending the wedding of a lovely groom and a beautiful bride at … Continue Reading


I hoped this title gets your heart pumping because who ever watched a James bond movie should know that the next few moments are going to be packed with explicit feeds lest I forget. courtesy extended to all my local Web page followers, appreciation is due thanks for your followership, I’m already in the spirit … Continue Reading