Here today , my post is all about looking dapper and being comfortable .
In the easter spirit , I bid you all a Happy easter , however it is you’re spending your easter , make sure to be safe .
Do we have the gidifest people In the building, or the Menta de Moda chill squad ? , well anyways youre spending your easter I have goodnews , work resumes on Tuesday , for we your loyal bloggers , we shall continue to engage you through your easter , well someones gotta do it .

Todays outfit is one of my favorites this year , had me feeling so brand new ,and surprisingly comfy , I can’t tell you how snug I feel in these pair of muses “my favourite , only , pair , for now “ lol . And bet you it serves it purpose , you could move around so freely and still look royal , Its Hand Made, with a wooden sole and French royal design , even though it has people thinking oh is it a shoe , or is it a sandal or what , lol nope , none , these are Muses baby. This suede blue baby was made just for me … and well of course all other fashion loving , comfort seekers like me . It was made by monimorgan feel free to get yours .
Looking at other pieces on the outfit you’ll see , a man can’t stress himself nowadays , fashion is comfort please so I keep preaching to you my loyal followers comfort is key .
I have on a white T shirt “I hate Ho’s ” with a Navy Blue Blazer on ., matched with a pair of thrifted cargo brown pants. you all rememeber my favourite brooch yeah , well.. its on this outfit aswell (told you all I was feeling so special) . for those of you with a keen eye , you’ll notice my pocket square , its actually a tissue , 10 points for creativity to me .
Also I have on a green cap , and yeah its a Kendrick pin , with a black pair of shades and my adidas watch , im ready to hit the streets of lagos .Well that’s the outfit right there , from your very own  Adedokun Tomiwa.
I’m sure a couple of you have noticed a man has been gaining weight , I’ve been very much guilty of indulging , well anyways I’m back at the gym , time to start reading those fitness blogs , I pray I stay to it , any suggestions ?, feel free to drop them in the comment section . Peace out .

Photographed by The Famous : @spotlightpi

Edits by me!

Shoes : @mornimorganshoes .

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