Bonsoir ,
Mon amis ,ca va bien?
Lol forgive me I’ve been taking French classes so I have to use it you know so I no go forget. so french on here might have to take a getting used to.
So, to the days business. Todays post,
I’m just so ecstatic because todays outfit gets me super hyped, I hope it does the same to you
As the topic suggests even before loading the pictures I’m sure you’ll already have a very solid idea of what’s coming your way .
The denim jacket diffusion, As you all know me to be adventurous not stalling on this one !
In this look I’ll be talking about today, I’m styling a denim jacket in a entire new way,
First things first, denim jacket gotten from Josh Amor ( A Nigeria bespoke designer )
It’s so pretty it gives me bubbles in my stomach, with its imprinted skull x graffiti on the back, I absolutely love it ,
I piece up this wonderful art work with my black tunic made by Amaariol (Nigeria designer ) probably the last thing a normal person would think of , and I’m not even embarrassed , because it came out looking beautiful , the rope effects in the front of the tunic giving the look the most easy going vibes.
Its no coincidence the outfit is black, as plain colors best accentuate other flashier pieces of an outfit. then *clears thoat* im sure we can all see that beautiful cap lol .
Oh it has an inscription on it , what does it say “vainblackboy”
Hmmn , I wonder who that could be lol
Lool enough jokes sha , here I piece up a cap from my latest collection of caps . Yasss I sell caps really dope ones init , hit me up to get yours , very much affordable .
To complete the look I’m rocking my high top white levis , so comfortable yet so stylish , well that’s it , when this Babyboy passes, you would know , I advise you try this outfit aswell it’s so stylish yet so comfortable , I was privileged to work at the just concluded Lagos leather fair , so that was my own chance to rock this outfit ,
As tough as work got. my outfit didn’t fail me,
Style and functionality.
Well that’s all for today, your ever reliable Vain black boy.
Au revoir mon amis.

Photographed By : @ola_sanusi

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This outfit definitely got me hyped and that denim jacket is all sorts of popping.
I see what you did with the rope effects on the tunic and folded sleeves on that jacket.
Such a dope mix.


Thanks bee . I appreciate you . So stop by next time


Aww,Nice one fresh Tommy!!!


Thanks Tolu

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