Hey guys , I trust we are all doing good, can I get a yes , because as Nigeria dey go like this mans has to be good oh , its expensive not to be good lol 😬…
OH yeah , I must apologise for my tardy and inconsistent posts recently , forgive me, a lot has really been going on sha , I’ll fill you all in.
So yeah , Dysfunctional? , what do we consider dysfunctional , lemme just indulge you to scroll down a bit and take a look at the pictures below 

Yup , that’s me , what dyou think?   Well I shared this picture with quite a few people before posting it on here well their views were very much interesting
I’ll quote a few of them
“aye this is lit yo , looks like some calvin klein ad “ Fatai .
“this is really interesting , it looks so different from my regular feeds “ Deji.
“Fine boyyy , lol I like the styling sha , I’d mistake it for one of these uk boys magazines “ Tomilola.
“nasty boy lol “
“lol , isn’t this too much ? , seems kinds dysfunctional “ Femi .
Soo , while I pondered on these replies , the last comment particularly got me , what does dysfunctional look like? , it is relative ? , does it mean the same thing across borders ?, is dysfunctional neccesarily a good thing ? , what extent in your expression of self in fashion becomes dysfunctional? , anyways , I love the concept personally , but i’ld like to hear from you , what do you feel about the term dysfunctional , or any comments you have about this look please please hit the comment section .
Outfit details :
Jacket : kola kuddus
Shoes : levis
Briefs : lol I wont disclose

Photographed by : @verified_imagery
Thanks for reading guys , waiting on your responses …. Ciao.

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Bruhhhhh! This is hella lit! You owning your body and all. Nice post, man!


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